Christopher Kearney

Licensed Massage Therapist

Thank you for considering me for your needs and goals in massage therapy.


I have a dynamic view and approach towards massage therapy. I recognize each body has different needs and that all modalities/techniques have an ideal circumstance and proper use. I continually learn new modalities/techniques to combine different therapies to your specific needs in order to create effective therapy in a timely manner.

It is my belief that great therapy is founded on communication. For this reason I create an atmosphere of trust, integrity, and comfort in the office. It is my goal for clients to feel entirely comfortable communicating their needs. Weather the need is the volume of the music, the brightness of the room, the pressure being used, or the specific technique being used - the more I know your preference, the better I can serve you. Just as every physical body is unique, everyone's idea and perspective of what a "great massage" is also unique. What some consider to be relaxing, others may consider otherwise. Please communicate with me all your requests and concerns as soon as they surface.

The massage can be therapeutic, relaxing, or a combination of the two. Absent direction, I naturally gravitate towards an approach that is as relaxing as possible without sacrificing therapeutic results.


I am very passionate about massage therapy and strive towards creating a tailored massage for you by paying close attention to your needs, expectations, and goals with massage therapy.

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